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Nice-Matin, the 11th of January, 2000

How could you imagine a more harmonious blend of traditions on occasions of the mayors newyears party for the personal of the town, than inviting the group "Riviera Swingo Latino" to ensure the the musical atmosphere at the cocktail, which last friday gathered more than a thousand people in the new "Riviera Palais". It is the association of "the swinging bandits" as the composer Patrick Michel calls the groupe with a twinkle in the eye. He is the leader of the group, and he is constantly in touch with the most famous standards and the Latin-American music, because he loves it. On the stage we have the beautiful Pernille, Danish but residing in Cannes, who has chosen the cold weather and Boston as an exile for developing the warmth in her voice on Berklee. A voice which she uses with great joy on the classic jazz repertoire, which spands from Gershwin to Benny Goodman and Sarah Vaughan without forgetting the most well-known songs and Glenn Miller.
As sideman she has the russian (also living in Cannes) Vadom Andreev, piano teacher in Biot since six years and former musician at the place called "Saints Peterbourg" in Mougins. On drums, Eric Mencaglia, young man from Pegomas, formed at the school "l'Esperance" run by Georget Daumet, his uncle, where he naturally becomes the drummer in the band before he starts the conservatory on percussion and takes part of Patrick Michel's jazz class. 40 years old and responsable for the French Electricity Board in Cannes, he is also taking part of Patrick Michel's musical called "Swingy and Melody", where Pernille had the role as Melody and he is as the saxophone player member of the group "the Shakers".
The saxophone player, Eric Lebeau, who is twenty one years old, started with the violin and also plays the drums. Graduated from the classical conservatory, he is now studying marketing on his fourth year in Sophia-Antipolis. He is twisted between the studies and the music, but tries as much as possible to stay in Patrick Michel's jazz class.
Frédéric Bori, the trumpetplayer, is also a student from the consevatory in Cannes and Marseille. 31 years old he is making Patrick Michel his master, and when his not playing groovy music with his funkband "Le Tribu", he teaches music to children from the age of the nusery school to the 11-years olds. What a good fortune, the musical future is saved.

Frédéric Jaubert


Nice-Matin, page 11, Wednesday July 7, 1999

Danish singer who now has lived in Cannes for a decennium prepares her second CD.
She is familiar with her great passion: Jazz music.

What do you sing?
Today only jazz with partiality for standards like songs from Porgy and Bess by Gershwin.
>From the beginning I have been trained in classical music at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. I have been performing the leading role in Offenbach's La Vie Parisienne and other extracts from the opera repertoire.

How did you end up in Cannes?
When I was 19 years old I came to Paris in order to learn French - and I fell in love with ....the town. During some years - parallel with my studies at Ecole Normale de Paris - I sang in the cellars and clubs at the Saint Michel and the Saint Germain quarters.
The last ten years in Cannes I have found both the sun as well as possibilities of jobs.

What are your next projects?
After four years of classical training at the Conservatory in Cagnes I met P. Michel who opened my eyers to the world of Jazz and introduced me in Cannes' Big Band. Apart from that Pernille has had the principal part Melody in the musical Swingy & Melody performed by Swingy Association. This as well as previous year I have stayed one year in Boston at Berklee College of Music and since then I have had only one wish: to continue there...
In America, jazz is really a culture and today I am very eager to be integrated into this musicians' paradise, to do something new in order to feel well personally and with regard to my voice.
But first I intend to publish a second CD, and for this I write my own texts which I intend to connect with the jazz standards.

Where can we hear you this summer?
This summer I sing with the Golden Jazz Band four evenings at Menton on the 11th and 30th of July and the 24th and 28th of August, and I hope to find other possibilities for concerts.
Otherwise you can contact me via my e-mail: or


Montagne, page 8, March 9, 1998

In connection with the jazz festival in Auvergne and on occation of Gershwin's centenary on Saturday night the young Danish Pernilla Caroubi's Quintet gave a tribute to the well-known composer of Porgy and Bess in the Festival Hall. The young singer has been trained at the Royal Danish Conservatory in Copenhagen and at Ecole Normale de Paris, and she has studied (e.g. theory of harmony) at L'American School of Modern Music. She began her career early on the stage in Denmark before she settled in France.
   Pernilla Caroubi enters the stage, softly but with selfconfidence and starts out with a description of the scenery of the songs, and the audience suddenly find themselves in the middle of a small village with black fishermen in the 1930es - the women gossiping and the men playing dice.
   The quintet pays a visit to a piece of work of which the melodies have been played at all the famous theatres on Brodway through the years, but the quintet renders a modernized interpretation of personal arrangements of originality. A beautiful palette of personalities at a concert which is rich of nuance and colour. Cyril Caroubi at the piano, Christophe Montant on the guitar, Bernard Resseguier at the drums, and Rene Pignatelli on the double-bass. Seducing melodies sung by a warm, subtle and surprising voice - supported by strong and reinforced rhythm group, influenced by Latin American rhythms.
   A personal tribute and homage giving freshness to the most well-known standards by the American composer G. Gershwin.


Nimes, page 5, March 3, 1998

Pernilla Caroubi Quintet at the jazz club Paseo - next Friday.

Musical Autumn has not only classical music on the programme. After the Music-Nonstop-Day in Carre of Art - the festival takes jazz on the concert-bill. The first concert of this genre takes place next Friday on the 7th of October at 9 p.m.
   From The Man I Love to Summertime - and from Love is Here to Stay to I've Got Rhythm, - everybody has hummed Gershwin's melodies. This world-known composer, pianist, and orchestra leader had a life filled with living and dancing music. The music of the Black Americans, especially the jazz, was to him a fantastic inspiration. On the other hand the jazz musicians used Gershwin's melodies, made standards from them that still cling to our brains and make us happy - even when it is raining in the morning. It is the same kind af mood you will find at this concert in the jazz club Paeso.
    The homage to Gershwin by the Pernilla Caroubi Quintet is spinning around the opera Porgy and Bess which he composed in 1935. As far as the voice is concerned the listeners will enjoy Pernilla Caroubi's wonderful voice. This fantastic Danish singer has frequented the big French stages with her blonde hair after a solid training at the Danish Royal Academy in Copenhagen. Later in France at l'Ecole Normale de Paris and the American School of Modern Music (harmony etc.) - and the beginning of a carreer with the group UPS.
    Pernilla Caroubi is surrounded by Christophe Montant on the guitar, he has studied the guitar with Pierre Cullaz and today he is a member of the Bigband of Cannes. And by Bernard Resseguier on the drums, he has studied with Ren Nan and Pierre Jullian. He has also played with many different groups, e. g. UBIC where they play his own compositions. Further he has played warm-up concert for Martial Solal. - Rene Pignatelli is the bass player. He has a diploma from the Music Institute of Los Angeles, he is a soloist in Orchestre de Paris, and he also plays with Brazilian and Cuban orchestras. He is a member of the Bigband of Nimes and was also the leader of the band On Step Quartet in 1988. - Finally: Cyril Caroubi has a diploma from CNCM and has participated in diverse master classes, e. g. the famous Kenny Baron. He has played with many different musicians, a. o. Pierre Vassiliu and he has also worked for the Barclays Studios.
   This concert which has been organized by the the association "70" gives us a possibility to bask in a one hundred percent musical happiness: It gives us a delightful relaxing and refreshing feeling. - It is the best homage you could give to Gershwin in connection with his centenary. It is a minor submerge into the lovely An American in Paris - or into the soft and vibrating nostalgy of the Concerto in F. All in all a programme where the modern arrangements find energy in Latin American rhythms.
   Pernilla Caroubi will with the help of George Gershwin give you a tremendous desire to sing yourself. Just try - and you shall see - it will be nice.
Concert in Paseo
510 Rue de L'Hostellerie in Nimes
The 17th of October at 9 p. m.
Information at Jazz 70, telephone 04 66 21 79 79


Nice-Matin, page 13, March 2, 1998

Congratulation Beaulieu.
The Danish female singer Pernille has been seduced by this Azur paradise. It is at the opening of the large Casino where Pernille participates - and also at the National Music Day in France with the Golden Jazz Band that Pernille discovers this place.
   Educated at the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen, at l'Ecole Normale in Paris, and at the American School of Modern Music, she was a member of the group UPS and other orchestras, especially Henri Guedon's Orchestra.
   It has been possible to meet Pernille at most of the famous and big scenes in France, e. g. New Morning, Printemps de Bourges and also in television programmes. She is a singer ranking among the best in the world. She motivates the well-known musicians in the Pernilla Caroubi Quintet. In Studio 26, Antibes, they have recorded a CD with George Gershwin's big success Porgy and Bess at the occation of his centenary.
   The four musicians are: Cyril Caroubi on the piano, student at Pierre Petit, A. Weber, Kenny Baron, diploma from the CNCM, accompanist for different artists, a. o. Pierre Vassilui. -
On double bass: Rene Pignatelli, diploma from the Music Institute of Los Angelos. Studied at Jeff Berlin, Gary Willys, Abraham Laboriel and Bernard Cauzeran. Member of the Nimes Big Band. - Drums and percussion: Jean Marc Eon. Student at Dante Agostini, Georges Pazinski, Barre Phillipps from The Institute Superior of Havana. Member of the CIM Big Band. Plays with different jazz and salsa groups. - On guitar: Christophe Montant. Diciple of Pierre Gulaz, Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Chick Corea og Gary Burton, guitarist in the Cannes Big Band and other jazz groups.
Please notice that the place they come from is Le Cannet Rocheville at Cannes where you can reach Pernille and Cyril Caroubi via telephone 04 93 39 00 63 or via the internet address: This is an obvious opportunity to contact them because nowadays it is seldom to find or hear authentic jazz again.


Crest, August 7, 1997

The Pernilla Caroubi Quintet enter the scene. The four musicians plus the singer usually play the great works of jazz. They recreate arrangements that live up to a modern sound.
In this case it is the world-famous opera Porgy and Bess that the Quintet contribute to the audience, but it is completely changed by means of Latin American sentiment and of bossa nova rhythms.
Right from the beginning with the unrecognizable version of Summertime the Quintet create
the right atmosphere. Between the songs that last more that 10 minutes the female singer from Denmark - she is no novice - explains the development af the complicated plot of the opera.
The musicians that show their abilities in solos support the young female singer. She is able to modulate her voice in all registres into a warm and sensual voice with intonations somewhat like Björk. It was so beautiful that when she started a very intimate song inspired by gospel singing you could have wished that there were less noise from the passers-by at the neighbouring church ground in order fully to surrender to her charm...


Midi Libre, September 20, 1997

The extravagant Pernilla Caroubi Concert took place in front af a fairly small audience. It is deplorable that so few people found their way to participate in such high quality evenings, taking all the efforts of the local authority into consideration. A pity for all those who were not present. The experienced jazz virtuosos gave a very fine version of Porgy and Bess. - A very beautiful female singer with an extraordinary voice handles the microphone admirably well.
Talented musicians who know their instruments, and into the bargain a fantastic solo on the drums that caused a great applause.
The listeners and amateurs of jazz really got high benefit out of their tickets.


September 19, 1997

Tonight the Pernilla Caroubi Quintet plays in the Castle. Organized by the Cavairac Local Authorities and Music School, the Pernilla Caroubi Quintet concert is on the 26th of September 1997 at 8 p.m. in the park of the Castle.
What more beautiful surroundings than this could be the frame for this concert. They surely must enhance the performance of the musicians and the Danish singer Pernilla Caroubi.
For connoisseurs especially it should also be mentioned that this group has been qualified for the Jazz Singers' Competition at Crest. They should know that the Pernilla Caroubi Quintet is an amalgamation of 5 musicians who want to tell the history of Jazz by playing a series of the greatest works of the past with new imaginative interpretations that recreate the arrangements so they come up with a modern sound.
   It is so pleasant to listen to or go to a high quality concert on a mild night in September. On the occation of Gershwin's centenary the quintet has chosen to interpret Porgy and Bess whose melodies have been heard at all the theatres of Broadway. The Pernilla Caroubi Quintet's arrangements are all of originality and difference. Now and then with influence of Latin American rhythm. This gives a fresh and modern version of the classics.


Nice-Matin, July 9, 1997

And achieves a brilliant success at the Castle Court

Two performances - two magnificent successes for La Vie Parisienne by Jacques Offenbach - in spite of threatening clouds. The audience were early on the spot at the Castle Court in Haut de Cagnes in order to secure oneself a seat. Many of them were forced to standing position during the whole musical comedy. The opera class from the Cagnes Conservatory - under guidance of the famous professor and singer Marc Vento - delivered a show of high standards. In spite of the heavy stage floor the main characters devoted themselves fully.
Afterwards they gave room for the Elite Dancing Class from the culture centre of the town. They performed the develish French Cancan with choreography by the dancing instructor Laurence Filippe. And not to forget the effective piano accompanist Natacha Lambertini - nor the singing professor Florence Vento who during the year has been involved in the musical training.
All parts were cast in a fantastically fine way - an excess of enthusiasm which the whole evening was held up in infernal tempo in front af a warm audience who could not resist the charm of the performers.
The gorgeous costumes that gave the final pep up to the extravagant performance were advanced by the association The Art of Celebrating. All in all it was a big triumph for a performance that deserves a reproduction. Why not? Perhaps next year?


Montagne, March 3, 1998

The young and beautiful Pernilla Caroubi from Denmark is guest of the Committee of Culture on the 7th of March (at 9 p.m. in the Festival Hall) in connection with the festival "Jazz in Auvergne".
   In the occation of of Gershwin's century the singer - who has been trained at the Danish Royal Academy in Copenhagen and at "Ecole Normale de Paris" - pays hommage to the composer of Porgy and Bess. The quintet breaks through by exploring history of jazz - wishing that the music will stay authentic without forgetting its own personal style. This personal hommage finds its expression in the well-known songs with a warm interpretation by Pernilla's voice.
   The melodies are made seductive and they find their extension in the musical background - inspired by influences from from Latin American music. This is not strange because Pernilla who has sung with the West Indian Henri Guedon has rhythmic landmark and inspiration from Jean Marc Eon (drummer & percussion) and Rene Pignatelli (double-bass). The drummer (member of CIM's big-band) has lived some years in Cuba to extend his musical horizon by being a student at "Superior Institute of Arts in Havana", and by playing with different local groups there that really know salsa to the very core. The double-bass player, soloist in "L'Orchestre de Paris" and member of Nimes' Big Band, has also been a member of diverse Cuban and Brazilian groups. The quintet is completed by Christophe Montant, a guitar player in Cannes' Big-band, and Cyril Caroubi on piano. The latter has a versatile and diversified background, - among other he has played with Pierre Vassiliu and has worked in the Barclay studios.
   It is with this palette of personalities that the quintet spread joy to everybody who likes jazz: Both the kind of jazz that gives you a surprise without brutilizing - and the kind of jazz that reconsiders and makes well-known classical jazz new.

Tickets for this concert on the 7th of March are on sale for 60 francs (50 only for subscribers)


Nice-Matin, June 28, 1998

Like in thousands of other French towns on the national day to celebrate the music, the town of St. Andre has been able to establish concerts with various groups, musicians, choirs, and singers. The festival set a record for the size of the audience, and the concerts ended late in the night. The Pernilla Caroubi Quintet, a jazz group from Cannes, was highly appreciated by the many supporters of good music.


Le Provencale, page 8, June 28, 1998

In connection with the cultural campaign of the town - and in order to remember Gershwin's centenary we shall have the pleasure to receive the Pernilla Caroubi Quintet on Friday the 21st of November in the Association Hall.
   This group lives on a fantastic reputation and its different concerts have had an incredible success. One can quote their participation in the festival "The Musical Autumn" in Nimes - and in the international singing competition at Crest which is one of the most important at European level. So in this matter we are completely unerring in offering you two hours in the seventh heaven, thanks to the Quintet and Pernilla Caroubi's talent for interpretation of the composer Gershwin's music. His works will stay for ever in our memory: An American in Paris, Porgy and Bess, etc.
   We recommend that you will come in great numbers to this concert which will be given on Friday the 21st of November at 9,30 p.m. at the Association House.
Fees: Adults 40 Fr., Children 20 Fr.


Nice-Matin, page 7, August 30, 1997

Since the month of July there has been a possibility each Saturday night for the citizens of Le Cannet, Cannes, at Place Bellevue or at the Theatre of Verdure to celebrate thanks to the extraordinarily fine concert programme compiled by the festival commitee.
Also the outskirts of the area have had the possibility: On the 31st of July theBernard Hasel Orchestra played in the Mimosa area at Place Koenig. In the beginning af August Suzy Jameson and Fat Cat Gang played at Place Foch in Rocheville.
On the 15th of August the festival committee had the intension of pampering Ranguin by presenting the Pernilla Caroubi Quintet and the rhythm&blues group Ortax.
On the following day the P. Michel Quartet played at Place Bellevue - and Magie Belfiore at Place Aubanel.
Finally after the splendid koncert with Mariachis d'Atlixco, the music hall orchestra The Shakers will be dedicated to terminate this music season at Place Bellevue.


Magazine Trimestrial des Communes d'Azur, no. 3, July 1996
By Henry Durand

She could have participated in the Eurovision Grand Prix since she is familiar with Central Europe as the charming Danish songbird who was born in Aarhus to an artistic background.
  Her mother was employed at the Theatre, and her father a music teacher and cellist. Pernille starts singing lessons at an early age. At the age of 19, she is a student of music and immediately she makes her first record with the group UPS, where the music was composed by her own brother. Apart from being an arranger and composer, he is full time employed as a journalist at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.
  The following year brings her to Paris where she sings in cabarets, such as Le Bateau Ivre in Rue Mouffetard. In Paris, Henri Guedon becomes aware of her already budding talent and he engages her as a chorus girl with several contracts at wellknown concert halls and TV. Our "Treasure" performs at the festival Printemps de Bourges and the world-famous New Morning, and she continues her music studies at the American School of Music and IACP. Her repertoire is eclectic. She covers every style in order to satisfy a large public.
  In order to define this "Star is Born", (a song from her repertory) one might say that she is a mixture of the American Liza Minella, the German Ute Lemper, and the Russian Suletana. The Frenchmen only deplore that she often goes back to Denmark where she takes classical vocal training with professors from Danish conservatories, In order to define this "Star is Born", (a song from her repertory) one might say that she is a mixture of the American Liza Minella, the German Ute Lemper, and the Russian Suletana. The Frenchmen only deplore that she often goes back to Denmark where she takes classical vocal training with professors from Danish conservatories, among others the opera singer Lars Waage.
  Pernille works in several languages, of course Danish, but also in English, German, and to our satisfaction, in our own language, French. In 1990, her travelling abroad takes her to the French Cote d'Azur, more explicitly to Cannes. Apart from her singing, she falls in love twice, - with the scenery - and especially with a jazz pianist, Cyril Caroubi, who becomes her Pygmalion. From now on, they share both their personal and professional life by performing widely over the south of France. Today, they reside in Le Cannet and have a house in the country where they practice.
  Pernille's repertoire covers both her own compositions and songs, as well as standards all the way from Ella Fitzgerald to Chick Corea. Especially thrilling is her version of "Autumn Leaves" or "500 Miles High", not to mention her notorious interpretations of "My Way" or all the other great French success-songs.
  In spite of her many travels, our songbird has grown into an Azur southener, with her exceptional voice, with eyes so bright, and a face so beautiful. She continues to make singing lessons at Florence Vento, Nice, in order to maintain her skills. She often gives herself in One Man Shows along the Cote d'Azur, or she gives concerts with her husband's jazz band orchestra. Recently she has made contract with Golden Jazz Band, a bigband based in Monaco. During many years she has also travelled all over France with the large big band Exclusif from Nice.
  If you notice a poster with Pernille's name, then this is a chance that you should not miss. An evening with her is equivalent to exhilarating experience that you will never regret. You will leave the concert elevated.


Nice-Matin, page 22, March 16, 1999

A week-end with success for the musical "Swingy and Melody" that is on the bill at the theatre La Licorne thanks to the festival committee Swingy Association.
  Somewhat classical, somewhat jazzy, half swingy and half melody: Patrick Michel's musical was a great success with the audience in the Licorne Theatre.
  Madelaine Racher-Riviere from the Swingy Assocoation who has much money at stake in this re-performance after last year's success with the first performance at the Noga Hilton Theatre, tells us that thanks to sale of tickets all expences are covered.
  Close to one hundred persons at the stage of this performance, it was pleasant to both eyes and ears of the audience who no doubt were friendly from the beginning.
  On stage firstly the childrens' choir was conducted by Florence Deriviere, secondly the musicians and the soloists gave everything they they had got.
  Everyone was happy and smiling, even when distortions came which is unavoidable in an enjoyable and in every way fresh amateur performance. A wonderful adventure that unites a jolly team and that nevertheless gives a surprising homage to singing and to music.
  The teacher of jazz music at the Conservatory in Cannes, leader of the bigband and the quartet, the composer Patrick Michel cannot and will not hide his inclination for jazz in which field he is excellent, - even though he expresses that melodies are just as important.
  Melody draws big strong attraction to herself as the main character: Queen for an evening, with an eminent voice and a fascinating confidence at stage. She is mistress of the "plateau" all over, she manages the responsibility which is put completely on her. She has a very beautiful appearance which is no draw-back.
  Let us congratulate the cheerfulness in all those who surround her: players, musicians, choir-singers who all put their hearts fully in the performance.
  A special cheer to the children who give a breath of fresh air to it. Swingy and Melody live happily to the end of their days filled with zest for their destiny after having defied the ban of the father as well as of the society - in a debate that is as old the Universe: as always in the end love is victorious.


Nice-Matin, page 15, August 26, 1996

In conection with Musical Summer Nights arranged by the festival committee of the village the eminent instrumental and vocal group the Golden Jazz Band recently was an attractiuon in Roure: A jazz concert on the grand scale.
  In the full width of two hours below a starry sky and in front of an enthusiastic audience the jazz lovers - and you cannot cheat them - were overwhelmed by the versatile and wonderful interpretation by the very young female singer accompanied by an instrumental orchestra whose style intentionally is oriented towards the big historic big bands from the great period like the Cotton Club.
  As Count and Duke would have done it.
  In great spirits of parade the audience were totally overjoyed by Count Basie's, Dukke Ellington's, and Cole Porter's standards and their applause caused up to several encores of new songs.
  Great art during an evening that deserves to be repeated.


La Provence, December 10, 1997

A choir has just been formed at St. André les Alpes. So we went there in order to hear music and we ended up by joining the singing. You forgot everything about stress - everything about work and troubles. Such soft kind of therapy made you find your energy again, singing is like laughing, it does very well to your body and brain. The choristers from 7 to 77 years agree.
  The young leader of the choir, Pernille, lead singer in a jazz quintet in Cannes, takes care of each single member with the patience of an angel, - after all - you are here to spend a good time!!
  It is still possible to join or to come there and get more information before the training begins each Wednesday evening at 8:30 p.m. in the music room at first floor at the school, or you can speak with the head of the music school, Pascal, at the hair-dresser's saloon.


Nice-Matin, December 17, 1997

The Music School of Moyen Verdon has formed a choir. Everyone is welcome, children, parents, and everybody at all ages. They are welcome each Wednesday at 8,30 to 10 p.m. in the music room at the school.
  On the programme are pop songs, e.g. from rock-operas like Stamania - and gospel like Oh, Happy Day - or the famous song "A Man and a Woman" by Francis Lai.
  The young teacher, Pernille, is a former student of Marc and Florence Vento from the Conservatory in Cagnes. She is the leadsinger in a jazz quintet - and participating in many activities at the conservatory in Cannes, but she always finds time to train even the most shy the secret of her vocal technique.
  It is not too late to join if you like choir singing. Further information: contact directly before each séance.


Nice-Matin, August 25, 1992

While the outdoor cinema continues its productions in the "Theatre de Verdure" - the Summer Concerts have ended with af big festival sponsored by the sports club in Villefranche.
  The Exclucif Orchestra gave a popular and well received concert with the singers Stephane and Pernille (see picture). It was organized by the festival committee.
  Further the committee notices that the next general assembly will be on the 3rd of September in order to prepare the festival in Saint Michel, etc. etc....


Lorgues, May 29, 1998

The first recital in this season opened the doors to a new cultural policy at the Berne Castle that invites regional instrumentalists. Those responsible for the culture diffusion at the Berne Castle have this year agreed in offering concerts with local soloists and instrumentalists.
  A few days ago a large audience met Pierre Laurent on the piano and Eric Pachet on the flute playing Mastria: Adagio and allegro from the g minor sonata for flute and piano by J. S. Bach - and adagio, allegro, andante and variations from the G major sonata for the flute and piano by Mozart.
  Cathrine Dominguez, soprano, sang incredibly beautifully in spite af a sore throat, - and the same did Pernille Aidt, mezzo-soprano. They were both accompanied by Hanne Agerbaek in the duo Ricordati Mio Ben by Handel, the duo Sull' Aria from Figaro's Wedding by Mozart and the duo A Barcarolle from Hoffman's Adventures by Offenbach.
  In the second half of the concert these musicians gave a musical display of fireworks with Serate Musicli de l'Inviti by Rossini, Il Fervido Desiderio by Bellini, Una Poca Fa extracts from the Barber from Sevilla, three lieder by Schubert, a composer and musician that was a master in this field. Those artists were showered with applause for a long time by an enthusiastic audience.


Randers Amtsavis, 1985
A small group of students and teachers from the county secondary schools in Paderup and Risskov play bigband in Wales for the next ten days together with students from Glamorgan.
  The band is called Aarhus Amts Gymnasie-Big Band and they represent Aarhus County at a music festival in the twin county West Glamorgan. Paderup Big Band started in 1982 as optional music training after school time - and since then there has been an intense interplay with Risskov Bigband.
  It is positive that we also can go in for this kind of music at a grammarschool, says the leader of the Paderup Big Band, adjunkt Alf Soerensen. Our band concist of fifteen students and three teachers, and we have given many concerts on schools in the county, - alone or together with Risskov Big Band.
  The young musicians have furthermore participated in a large jazz project together with the well-known professional Klüver's Big Band. The Education and Culture Committee in Aarhus County has evaluated and credited their effort and accepted the concert touring in Wales that started yesterday.
  The travel is an exchange travel. In the spring of 1983 a large group of young Welch visited Aarhus and Randers. It was the West Glamorgan County Youth Choir and Orchestra - and after that the Welch county invited Aarhus County to send young musicians to the Music Festival on occation of the Music and Youth Year 1985.


Without a Hitch at the Amphi Stage of the Concert Hall
Aarhus Stiftstidende, July 30, 1984
And it was on Sunday afternoon, it was on the Amphi-stage in front of the Concert Hall. The somewhat nasty weather probably had kept some at home, but it was more than half filled when UPS entered the stage and gave two sets to the lightly chilly audience who received the band well.
  UPS plays music that is cloce to the New York rap - added other loans from the disco and from the Danish rock elite as Anne Linnet Band and Sneakers. The band plays solidly and genuinely, the female singer has a lavish and extravagant voice, and the whole band has been at rap courses and has there learnt to reel off an awful lot of words in a rather monotonous and unprofiled vocal pitch.
  It is difficult to evaluate a band without special musical profile. The music of UPS has been heard lots of times earlier - and they have nothing especially new to add to the form in musical terms. The trade mark could then be the funny and the unpretentious attitude - and that is what it is - along the road. But that also can be a little strained in the long run, when you understand text sentences like: "The girls are crazy with DJ Franck / the guys make sure to give him a thrashing", or "Come out and dance / if you have a feeling for rap". (Rhyming in Danish) - "They have some fine poets in this band" - my neighbour pointed out with a slight ironical undertone.
  Now this kind of music comes from the United Bluff, and apart from Danish texts - UPS has also been hunting the music bible of the eighties: "Rap, Scratch & a 100 ways of saying nothing" - and has there exactly found the words that form the music of the group, that appeal to the dancing audience with a lot of tight markings, breaks, and syncopes. If you regard UPS as a dancing orchestra then there is no hitch somewhere, the group did its bit - and the audience repaid by doing their part of the show, they were dancing...
  Non-committal entertainment or head-less music for the feet? - yes, the answer was blowing in the chilly wind that unfortunately visited the amphi-stage all afternoon long.



Aarhus Stiftstidende, June 29, 1984
The future is given new attributions to the Aarhusian treasure of songs - by means of two records, one casette tape, and a songbook. The two groups UPS and Pigtraad have simultaneously demonstrated that the concept of rock can be bent towards rap as well as requlern.
  UPS served up popcorn and raspberry fizz in Frederik's Street on occation of a double record début - the songs "Give Us a Rhythm" and "Arne" are published at the same time on a normal size record and on a maxi-single, the latter with "Give Us a Rhythm" in two versions, of which the one covers all of side 1 in a special sound-delicious mix. This also costs you an extra 20 Dkr., but there is a boom in maxi records with the luxurious sound. Many will prefer to pay 60 Dkr for them than 100 Dkr. for a long-playing record that you perhaps buy only in order to listen to one or two numbers.
  The maxi-record has appeared since we were in the Toni Studio in Horsens in August last year. Originally we intended only to make a regular single, but in the end we had a contract with Sonet and the mixing is made in Studio 30 in Copenhagen, Bo Astrup, the bass-player explains. He has written and produced the two numbers together with the keyboard-player Mik Aidt.
  Mik's sister Pernille is singer in the group that also counts the guitar-player Jens Bille and the two drummers Friv and Henrik Pedersen. They have played together during a year or so, and they accept that UPS is short for "Out for Fun": "The music is rap and rock with a mixture of juicy pop - not exactly fit for a Sunday afternoon". Nevertheless the group is rather enthustiastic that the Culture Administration of the Local Authorities in Aarhus has hired them for a concert at the Amphi-stage of the Aarhus Concert Hall on Sunday the 29th of July - in the middle af the afternoon.
  Pigtraad received ... etc.