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Nimes, page 5, March 3, 1998


Pernilla Caroubi Quintet at the jazz club Paseo - next Friday.

Musical Autumn has not only classical music on the programme. After the Music-Nonstop-Day in Carre of Art - the festival takes jazz on the concert-bill. The first concert of this genre takes place next Friday on the 7th of October at 9 p.m.
   From The Man I Love to Summertime - and from Love is Here to Stay to I've Got Rhythm, - everybody has hummed Gershwin's melodies. This world-known composer, pianist, and orchestra leader had a life filled with living and dancing music. The music of the Black Americans, especially the jazz, was to him a fantastic inspiration. On the other hand the jazz musicians used Gershwin's melodies, made standards from them that still cling to our brains and make us happy - even when it is raining in the morning. It is the same kind af mood you will find at this concert in the jazz club Paeso.
    The homage to Gershwin by the Pernilla Caroubi Quintet is spinning around the opera Porgy and Bess which he composed in 1935. As far as the voice is concerned the listeners will enjoy Pernilla Caroubi's wonderful voice. This fantastic Danish singer has frequented the big French stages with her blonde hair after a solid training at the Danish Royal Academy in Copenhagen. Later in France at l'Ecole Normale de Paris and the American School of Modern Music (harmony etc.) - and the beginning of a carreer with the group UPS.
    Pernilla Caroubi is surrounded by Christophe Montant on the guitar, he has studied the guitar with Pierre Cullaz and today he is a member of the Bigband of Cannes. And by Bernard Resseguier on the drums, he has studied with Ren Nan and Pierre Jullian. He has also played with many different groups, e. g. UBIC where they play his own compositions. Further he has played warm-up concert for Martial Solal. - Rene Pignatelli is the bass player. He has a diploma from the Music Institute of Los Angeles, he is a soloist in Orchestre de Paris, and he also plays with Brazilian and Cuban orchestras. He is a member of the Bigband of Nimes and was also the leader of the band On Step Quartet in 1988. - Finally: Cyril Caroubi has a diploma from CNCM and has participated in diverse master classes, e. g. the famous Kenny Baron. He has played with many different musicians, a. o. Pierre Vassiliu and he has also worked for the Barclays Studios.
   This concert which has been organized by the the association "70" gives us a possibility to bask in a one hundred percent musical happiness: It gives us a delightful relaxing and refreshing feeling. - It is the best homage you could give to Gershwin in connection with his centenary. It is a minor submerge into the lovely An American in Paris - or into the soft and vibrating nostalgy of the Concerto in F. All in all a programme where the modern arrangements find energy in Latin American rhythms.
   Pernilla Caroubi will with the help of George Gershwin give you a tremendous desire to sing yourself. Just try - and you shall see - it will be nice.
Concert in Paseo
510 Rue de L'Hostellerie in Nimes
The 17th of October at 9 p. m.
Information at Jazz 70, telephone 04 66 21 79 79