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Nice Matin, page 13, March 2, 1998


Congratulation Beaulieu.
The Danish female singer Pernille has been seduced by this Azur paradise. It is at the opening of the large Casino where Pernille participates - and also at the National Music Day in France with the Golden Jazz Band that Pernille discovers this place.
   Educated at the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen, at l'Ecole Normale in Paris, and at the American School of Modern Music, she was a member of the group UPS and other orchestras, especially Henri Guedon's Orchestra.
   It has been possible to meet Pernille at most of the famous and big scenes in France, e. g. New Morning, Printemps de Bourges and also in television programmes. She is a singer ranking among the best in the world. She motivates the well-known musicians in the Pernilla Caroubi Quintet. In Studio 26, Antibes, they have recorded a CD with George Gershwin's big success Porgy and Bess at the occation of his centenary.
   The four musicians are: Cyril Caroubi on the piano, student at Pierre Petit, A. Weber, Kenny Baron, diploma from the CNCM, accompanist for different artists, a. o. Pierre Vassilui. -
On double bass: Rene Pignatelli, diploma from the Music Institute of Los Angelos. Studied at Jeff Berlin, Gary Willys, Abraham Laboriel and Bernard Cauzeran. Member of the Nimes Big Band. - Drums and percussion: Jean Marc Eon. Student at Dante Agostini, Georges Pazinski, Barre Phillipps from The Institute Superior of Havana. Member of the CIM Big Band. Plays with different jazz and salsa groups. - On guitar: Christophe Montant. Diciple of Pierre Gulaz, Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Chick Corea og Gary Burton, guitarist in the Cannes Big Band and other jazz groups.
Please notice that the place they come from is Le Cannet Rocheville at Cannes where you can reach Pernille and Cyril Caroubi via telephone 04 93 39 00 63 or via the internet address: This is an obvious opportunity to contact them because nowadays it is seldom to find or hear authentic jazz again.