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Lorgues, May 29, 1998


The first recital in this season opened the doors to a new cultural policy at the Berne Castle that invites regional instrumentalists. Those responsible for the culture diffusion at the Berne Castle have this year agreed in offering concerts with local soloists and instrumentalists.
  A few days ago a large audience met Pierre Laurent on the piano and Eric Pachet on the flute playing Mastria: Adagio and allegro from the g minor sonata for flute and piano by J. S. Bach - and adagio, allegro, andante and variations from the G major sonata for the flute and piano by Mozart.
  Cathrine Dominguez, soprano, sang incredibly beautifully in spite af a sore throat, - and the same did Pernille Aidt, mezzo-soprano. They were both accompanied by Hanne Agerbaek in the duo Ricordati Mio Ben by Handel, the duo Sull' Aria from Figaro's Wedding by Mozart and the duo A Barcarolle from Hoffman's Adventures by Offenbach.
  In the second half of the concert these musicians gave a musical display of fireworks with Serate Musicli de l'Inviti by Rossini, Il Fervido Desiderio by Bellini, Una Poca Fa extracts from the Barber from Sevilla, three lieder by Schubert, a composer and musician that was a master in this field. Those artists were showered with applause for a long time by an enthusiastic audience.