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Randers Amtsavis, 1985


A small group of students and teachers from the county secondary schools in Paderup and Risskov play bigband in Wales for the next ten days together with students from Glamorgan.
  The band is called Aarhus Amts Gymnasie-Big Band and they represent Aarhus County at a music festival in the twin county West Glamorgan. Paderup Big Band started in 1982 as optional music training after school time - and since then there has been an intense interplay with Risskov Bigband.
  It is positive that we also can go in for this kind of music at a grammarschool, says the leader of the Paderup Big Band, adjunkt Alf Soerensen. Our band concist of fifteen students and three teachers, and we have given many concerts on schools in the county, - alone or together with Risskov Big Band.
  The young musicians have furthermore participated in a large jazz project together with the well-known professional Klüver's Big Band. The Education and Culture Committee in Aarhus County has evaluated and credited their effort and accepted the concert touring in Wales that started yesterday.
  The travel is an exchange travel. In the spring of 1983 a large group of young Welch visited Aarhus and Randers. It was the West Glamorgan County Youth Choir and Orchestra - and after that the Welch county invited Aarhus County to send young musicians to the Music Festival on occation of the Music and Youth Year 1985.