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Aarhus Stiftstidende, June 29, 1984


The future is given new attributions to the Aarhusian treasure of songs - by means of two records, one casette tape, and a songbook. The two groups UPS and Pigtraad have simultaneously demonstrated that the concept of rock can be bent towards rap as well as requlern.
  UPS served up popcorn and raspberry fizz in Frederik's Street on occation of a double record début - the songs "Give Us a Rhythm" and "Arne" are published at the same time on a normal size record and on a maxi-single, the latter with "Give Us a Rhythm" in two versions, of which the one covers all of side 1 in a special sound-delicious mix. This also costs you an extra 20 Dkr., but there is a boom in maxi records with the luxurious sound. Many will prefer to pay 60 Dkr for them than 100 Dkr. for a long-playing record that you perhaps buy only in order to listen to one or two numbers.
  The maxi-record has appeared since we were in the Toni Studio in Horsens in August last year. Originally we intended only to make a regular single, but in the end we had a contract with Sonet and the mixing is made in Studio 30 in Copenhagen, Bo Astrup, the bass-player explains. He has written and produced the two numbers together with the keyboard-player Mik Aidt.
  Mik's sister Pernille is singer in the group that also counts the guitar-player Jens Bille and the two drummers Friv and Henrik Pedersen. They have played together during a year or so, and they accept that UPS is short for "Out for Fun": "The music is rap and rock with a mixture of juicy pop - not exactly fit for a Sunday afternoon". Nevertheless the group is rather enthustiastic that the Culture Administration of the Local Authorities in Aarhus has hired them for a concert at the Amphi-stage of the Aarhus Concert Hall on Sunday the 29th of July - in the middle af the afternoon.
  Pigtraad received ... etc.