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Nice-Matin, July 7, 1999


Danish singer who now has lived in Cannes for a decennium prepares her second CD.
She is familiar with her great passion: jazz music

What do you sing?
Today only jazz with partiality for standards like songs from Porgy and Bess by Gershwin.
From the beginning I have been trained in classical music at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. I have been performing the leading role in Offenbach's La Vie Parisienne and other extracts from the opera repertoire.

How did you end up in Cannes?
When I was 19 years old I came to Paris in order to learn French - and I fell in love with ....the town. During some years - parallel with my studies at Ecole Normale de Paris - I sang in the cellars and clubs at the Saint Michel and the Saint Germain quarters.
The last ten years in Cannes I have found both the sun as well as possibilities of jobs.

What are your next projects?
After four years of classical training at the Conservatory in Cagnes I met P. Michel who opened my eyers to the world of Jazz and introduced me in Cannes' Big Band. Apart from that Pernille has had the principal part Melody in the musical Swingy & Melody performed by Swingy Association. This as well as previous year I have stayed one year in Boston at Berklee College of Music and since then I have had only one wish: to continue there...
In America, jazz is really a culture and today I am very eager to be integrated into this musicians' paradise, to do something new in order to feel well personally and with regard to my voice.
But first I intend to publish a second CD, and for this I write my own texts which I intend to connect with the jazz standards.

Where can we hear you this summer?
This summer I sing with the Golden Jazz Band four evenings at Menton on the 11th and 30th of July and the 24th and 28th of August, and I hope to find other possibilities for concerts.
Otherwise you can contact me via my e-mail: or

Recueilli par Frédéric Jaubert
(Photo A.B.-J.)