Loreleï Quintet

Five musicians of diverse nationalities and musical backgrounds make up the Loreleï Quintet. Aiming to produce music that is "live" in every sense, they create a recognisable group sound and interpret standards with originality and style.

Believing that jazz is music that is constantly evolving, the goal of the quintet is to share their musical vision with the audience.

After training as a singer in the Copenhagen Royal Academy and at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, Pernilla Caroubi studied harmony at the American School of Modern Music.

She has recorded with the group UPS and sings with a number of groups, including Henri Guedon with whom she has appeared at venues such as New Morning, Fête de l'Humanite, Printemps de Bourges, and television programs.




Fabrice Vaure was awarded first prize for jazz saxophone at the Nice Conservatoire.

He has played in a number of jazz groups and accompanies French singers such as Jocelyne Beroard and Edith Lefel.

He has concentrated on jazz for the last two years and is a member of the "Nice School" along with Jean-Pierre Ceccarelli, Robert Persi, Jean-Marc Jafet and Jean-Marc Baccarini. He constantly aims to express himself in his own musical language.

A self-taught musician, he has played drums since the age of 15. Playing with groups of many styles of music has allowed him to develop his own sound and style of improvisation. His influences include Elvin Jones, Christian Vander and John Coltrane.




John Wilson grew up to the music of the Beatles, which gave him an appreciation of melodies. He played the piano and guitar in pubs during his student days in Ireland. After playing electric bass in a rock-blues band, he took up the upright bass. He has studied with Bruce Gertz (of Berklee), Dave Zinno and Tont Bonfils, and plays with a number of jazz bands.

Cyril Kharoubi was encouraged in his piano studies by Pierre Petit, Director of the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris. He studied with A. Weber, Director of the C.N.S.M. in Paris, was graduated from the C.M.C.N. and has done several courses with well-known pianists and played in a number of groups, including Pierre Vassiliu. He has worked in the Barclay studios with Wally Badarou (Level 42, JC Goude).



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