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    Demo cover of the debut album:

Todd Baker (bass), Ed Harlow (saxophone), Mitch Seidman (guitar)
Photographed by Charlotte Stanley

Pernilla (vocals)

Mitch Seidman (guitar)

Ed Harlow (saxophone)

Photographs from the recording of the album in Studio PBS in Westwood,
Massachusetts, USA, on Februar 16, 2000.

  • Flyer from 'Exchange' in downtown Boston , where Nuage performed on four Tuesdays in spring 2000: Feb 1, March 2, March 28, and April 25.

  • Nuage had ten performances at Exchange and Sydney's

  • Nuage's masterclasses at Boston University and Boston College

  • Listen to a radio interview with Nuage at 90.9 WBUR
    WBUR is Boston's NPR News Station.
    Together with Ed Harlow, I explain about the music of Nuage, how and why we made the songs, what they lyrics are all about, etc. The interview was broadcast at WBUR on Tuesday the 25th of April at 12:45, and it was placed at their website as well.

    Listen online with RealAudio:
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  • Nuage's home page