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Translation of "GUTACHTEN zur Antrag eines Stipendiums"

Helmut Lips
Kreuzotterweg 10 C
D- 7000 Stuttgart 31
Tel: (+49) 711 86 201 05
Announcement for enclosure to application for scholarship:

On request from Ms. P. Aidt, based at 10, Chemin de la Tousque Le Cannet, I can give the following responsum.
The applicant is in possesion of a healthy singing instrument with a great span of voice. The voice has an extraordinary beautiful, velvet-soft timbre. High musicality and strong artistic ability to express herself is remarkable.
Because of high general education, good knowledge of several languages (French, English, German) and because of her high level of disciplin, she has always been an exemplaric role model at my courses. Ms. Aidt has absolutely no problems with communicating and socializing, and because of her open personality, she is able to integrate easily into any group.
At my courses, Ms. Aidt primarily received a classical voice training (opera, operette, lied, musical) because she strives after maintaining the health of her voice also in the field of jazz, which - according to my experiences with other singers in this field - is to be considered a very wise approach.

Prof.emeritus. Helmut Lips