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Lawrence Watson
Associate Professeur
Performance studies and voice
Home phone: (+1) 617 9839741


Pernille has requested that I write this letter of recommmendation. It is with a great deal of pleasure and honor that I submit this letter to your committee. Ms Aidt is one of the most talented young students I have had the good fortune to teach durring my tenure at Berklee College of Music.

She is a very personable, sensitive and respectful young woman who has a bright future ahead of her as a well rounded performer. I am very impressed with the way Pernille has managed experiencing housing difficultlies, and adjusting to returning to school, she has never complained and has always demonstrated responsible behavior.

Ms Aidt continues to work on her masterry of the English language and is making significant progress. It is particularly difficult for a native speaking American to sometimes understand the subtleties of colloquial expression.
It is more difficult for a European student to master Standard Eglish and simultaneously understand some jargon associated with slang. If one is interested in pursuing a career in contemprary music it is necessary to understand the language being used by contemporary artist, which in many instances includes the use of dialect. Pernilla has worked hard to understand language ecpression that is very different and often not logical.

Pernilla continues to be open to new musical ecperiences and expressions. She is an exciting performer and looked up to by other students as a role model. She is currently enrolled in a Stage Performance Course I teach and private voice lessons. Unlike many other students in the class she is aware of the musical areas she needs improvement. She is an excellent observer and quick to identify those attitudes and negative approaches that impede a student's growth and development.

I am very fond of Pernilla and proud of the tenacity she has demonstrated in her attempt to extend her study in the United States. She is a very mature, hardworking, creative and most of all talented singer. She is working hard to advance haer skills as a singer and entertainer.I recommend that your committee seriously consider her for continued scholarship. Perilla has all the qualities required to be an international star. Whatever she decides to do in the future, I am certain she will be a powerful creative force in the music industry.