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On this page, I have compiled a list of the total amount of different sound and video files I have uploaded to this site over the years. In order to listen, you'll need an MP3 player – download a free MP3 player from (for Mac here) – or a free RealPlayer

 2003 > album tracks and video clips

• In April 2003, I finished my first album with own compositions, ‘Serene’.

Click here to listen to some of the tracks.

Radio interview and more about the album here.

Watch music videos

Letter To You

Face The Sun
Hear My Song

All files are in RealAudio format.

If you want to read more about the album and the project, click here.

Classical tour

• In June 2003, I began touring with the guitarist Philippe Loli, performing with a classical repertoire. It is in the realaudio-format:
Video Clip 1
Video Clip 2

If you wish to download the video-file, then right-click (Mac: Click and hold down the mouse hard without releasing) on these links:
Video Clip 1
Video Clip 2

 2002 > self portrait

I'm well aware this 'self portrait in words' may sound a bit pathetique to you, but nevertheless, here it is... I've tried to be honest.
Listen online with RealAudio:
- 'Self Portrait'    (8:22)
Download in MP3 quality:
- 'Self Portrait' (7.6 MB)

 2001 > vocal demos

My last recordings before finishing at Berklee College of Music:

1) "When I Fall In Love" (Heyman/Young)
- MP3 Normal Quality (4.6 MB)

2) "Pictures in Black And White"
- MP3 Normal Quality (3.8 MB)

Note: These two files can be downloaded from Pernilla's MySpace profile (if you are a MySpace member). Sorry, but we have had to move them because they are so popular that we were charged for extra web traffic.

Vocal: Pernille Aidt
Guitar: Lionel Loueke
Violin & fretless guitar: Olivier Manchon

Recorded by Christian Kaufmann, at Carmel Studios, Boston, May 2001.

> Download cover as pdf-file

 2000 > Northscape

Northscape is a group that I formed together with four young Scandinavians who all met in Boston in the fall of 1998.

1) "For Once In My Life" [5:36]
Music and lyrics by Murden-Miller

- MP3 Normal Quality (5.1 MB)

2) "Norwegian Wood"
Music and lyrics by Lennon/McCartney
- MP3 Normal Quality (4.9 MB)

Vocal: Pernille Aidt
Tenor Sax: Stephan Kammerer
Guitar: Jarkko Palokas
Drums: Anders Ramhede
Acoustic Bass: Nils Väcklen

Recorded and mixed by Jesse Rich, at Bristol Studios, Boston MA, on November 26, 2000.

More info about Northscape

 2000 > interview
This interview was recorded with me by a freelance journalist in France in the summer 2000. I used it as the basis for my 'self portrait' - hoping that my English has become better since then.
MP3 128kbps audio file quality (2.5 MB)
RealAudio Low quality (0.3 MB)

 2000 > Nuage

The songs from Nuage's debut CD:

1) "Nuages"  
Music by Django Reinhardt
Lyrics by Pernilla
Duration: 5:58 min

2) "Daydream"
Music by Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn
Duration: 3:58 min

3) "Peace"  
      - MP3 High Quality (6.8 MB)
      - MP3 Medium Quality (4.5 MB)

4) "Four"  
      - MP3 High Quality (6.3 MB)
      - MP3 Medium Quality (4.2 MB)

5) "La Mesha"  
      - MP3 High Quality (5.8 MB)
      - MP3 Medium Quality (3.9 MB)

6) "I Will Wait For You"  
      - MP3 High Quality (6.0 MB)
      - MP3 Medium Quality (4.0 MB)

7) "Maxwell's Silver Hammer"  
      - MP3 High Quality (3.4 MB)
      - MP3 Medium Quality (2.3 MB)

Pernilla - vocal
Ed Harlow - saxophone
Mitch Seidman - guitar
Todd Baker - bass

Arranged by Ed Harlow.
Recorded and mixed by Peter Kontrimas

Recorded in Studio PBS, Westwood, M.A., USA, 16th of February, 2000

  Pictures from the studio session

  Nuage's home page

  Copyright notice

 2000 > Nuage interview

A radio interview with Nuage at 90.9 WBUR

WBUR is Boston's NPR News Station. Together with Ed Harlow, I explain about the music of Nuage, how and why we made the songs, what they lyrics are all about, etc. The interview was broadcast at WBUR on Tuesday the 25th of April 2000, at 12:45, and it was placed at their website as well.

Listen online with RealAudio:
- RealAudio Medium Quality (2.9 MB)
- RealAudio Low Quality (1.4 MB)

 1999 > Nuage demo


1) "Autumn Leaves" (Johnny Mercer)

- RealAudio Quality

Recorded in ThinIceProductions, North Andover, MA
11th of May, 1999 (First take)

Recorded and mixed by Bob Patton

 2000 > Berklee demos

1) "All the Things You Are"
Music by Jerome Kern
Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein

Duration: 2:51 min

2) "My Romance"
Music by Richard Rodgers
Lyrics by Lorenz Hart
Duration: 5:25 min

Pernilla - vocal
Vardan Ovsepian - piano

Both songs recorded in the Berklee's recording studio "E" (at first take)

Recorded and mixed by Olivier Bessaignet

3) "Les Berceaux"
Music by Gabriel Fauré. Classical
Duration: 2:26 min

Recorded in the Berklee's recording studio "E" (at first take)

Pernilla - vocal
Vardan Ovsepian - piano


"Dawn Of A Snowy Morning"
Music by Clement Fung
Duration: 3:01 min


Recorded in the Berklee's recording studio "E". April 20, 2000

Recorded and mixed by Clement Fung

Pernilla: vocal
Clement Fung: keyboards

  Copyright notice


 1998 > Porgy & Bess

'I Loves You, Porgy'

- RealAudio Quality

Music & lyrics by George Gershwin
Arranged by Pernilla Caroubi Quintet

Recorded in Studio 26, Antibes, France
on the 9th, 10th and 11th of February, 1998