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Berne, 4th June 1999


(To whom it may concern)

My name is Franziska Keller and I am a Berklee student (student ID no 370578). I am very pleased to have the opportunity of writing a letter of support for Pernilla Aidt.

I met Pernilla last semester in Maggi Scott's Stage Performance Workshop class. In my opinion, she is one of the best jazz singers at Berklee. Pernilla has a wonderful voice, an amazing stage presence (she appeared on stage for example at the Jazz Vocal Series last semester) and she is very musical.

On the other side, Pernilla is a very warm-hearted and sensitive person. Especially at a college like Berklee, with big competition among the musicians, Pernilla is an exception.

Every student goes through times, when he isn't sure about his musical direction and about his future. When I first met Pernilla I was in a period like this. She was a big help and support to med. In our discussions, she encouraged me and showed me that she believes in my skills. At this time, it was very important for me that a really good singer supported me. I learned a lot from her about the music business, how to handle a musical crisis and a lot more things that you sometimes better can learn from a classmate and friend than from a teacher.

I really hope that Pernilla will have the possibility to finish her studies at Berklee and I recommend her for any financial support. She would be a big loss for this college [if forced to leave for financial reasons].

Yours sincerely,

Franziska Keller