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 Press Clippings

Nice Matin, page 7, August 30, 1997


Since the month of July there has been a possibility each Saturday night for the citizens of Le Cannet, Cannes, at Place Bellevue or at the Theatre of Verdure to celebrate thanks to the extraordinarily fine concert programme compiled by the festival commitee.
Also the outskirts of the area have had the possibility: On the 31st of July theBernard Hasel Orchestra played in the Mimosa area at Place Koenig. In the beginning af August Suzy Jameson and Fat Cat Gang played at Place Foch in Rocheville.
On the 15th of August the festival committee had the intension of pampering Ranguin by presenting the Pernilla Caroubi Quintet and the rhythm&blues group Ortax.
On the following day the P. Michel Quartet played at Place Bellevue - and Magie Belfiore at Place Aubanel.
Finally after the splendid koncert with Mariachis d'Atlixco, the music hall orchestra The Shakers will be dedicated to terminate this music season at Place Bellevue.