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September 19, 1997


Tonight the Pernilla Caroubi Quintet plays in the Castle. Organized by the Cavairac Local Authorities and Music School, the Pernilla Caroubi Quintet concert is on the 26th of September 1997 at 8 p.m. in the park of the Castle.
What more beautiful surroundings than this could be the frame for this concert. They surely must enhance the performance of the musicians and the Danish singer Pernilla Caroubi.
For connoisseurs especially it should also be mentioned that this group has been qualified for the Jazz Singers' Competition at Crest. They should know that the Pernilla Caroubi Quintet is an amalgamation of 5 musicians who want to tell the history of Jazz by playing a series of the greatest works of the past with new imaginative interpretations that recreate the arrangements so they come up with a modern sound.
   It is so pleasant to listen to or go to a high quality concert on a mild night in September. On the occation of Gershwin's centenary the quintet has chosen to interpret Porgy and Bess whose melodies have been heard at all the theatres of Broadway. The Pernilla Caroubi Quintet's arrangements are all of originality and difference. Now and then with influence of Latin American rhythm. This gives a fresh and modern version of the classics.