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Crest, August 7, 1997


The Pernilla Caroubi Quintet enter the scene. The four musicians plus the singer usually play the great works of jazz. They recreate arrangements that live up to a modern sound.
In this case it is the world-famous opera Porgy and Bess that the Quintet contribute to the audience, but it is completely changed by means of Latin American sentiment and of bossa nova rhythms.
Right from the beginning with the unrecognizable version of Summertime the Quintet create
the right atmosphere. Between the songs that last more that 10 minutes the female singer from Denmark - she is no novice - explains the development af the complicated plot of the opera.
The musicians that show their abilities in solos support the young female singer. She is able to modulate her voice in all registres into a warm and sensual voice with intonations somewhat like Björk. It was so beautiful that when she started a very intimate song inspired by gospel singing you could have wished that there were less noise from the passers-by at the neighbouring church ground in order fully to surrender to her charm...