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Montagne, page 8, March 9, 1998


In connection with the jazz festival in Auvergne and on occation of Gershwin's centenary on Saturday night the young Danish Pernilla Caroubi's Quintet gave a tribute to the well-known composer of Porgy and Bess in the Festival Hall. The young singer has been trained at the Royal Danish Conservatory in Copenhagen and at Ecole Normale de Paris, and she has studied (e.g. theory of harmony) at L'American School of Modern Music. She began her career early on the stage in Denmark before she settled in France.
   Pernilla Caroubi enters the stage, softly but with selfconfidence and starts out with a description of the scenery of the songs, and the audience suddenly find themselves in the middle of a small village with black fishermen in the 1930es - the women gossiping and the men playing dice.
   The quintet pays a visit to a piece of work of which the melodies have been played at all the famous theatres on Brodway through the years, but the quintet renders a modernized interpretation of personal arrangements of originality. A beautiful palette of personalities at a concert which is rich of nuance and colour. Cyril Caroubi at the piano, Christophe Montant on the guitar, Bernard Resseguier at the drums, and Rene Pignatelli on the double-bass. Seducing melodies sung by a warm, subtle and surprising voice - supported by strong and reinforced rhythm group, influenced by Latin American rhythms.
   A personal tribute and homage giving freshness to the most well-known standards by the American composer G. Gershwin.