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La Provence, December 10, 1997


A choir has just been formed at St. André les Alpes. So we went there in order to hear music and we ended up by joining the singing. You forgot everything about stress - everything about work and troubles. Such soft kind of therapy made you find your energy again, singing is like laughing, it does very well to your body and brain. The choristers from 7 to 77 years agree.
  The young leader of the choir, Pernille, lead singer in a jazz quintet in Cannes, takes care of each single member with the patience of an angel, - after all - you are here to spend a good time!!
  It is still possible to join or to come there and get more information before the training begins each Wednesday evening at 8:30 p.m. in the music room at first floor at the school, or you can speak with the head of the music school, Pascal, at the hair-dresser's saloon.