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Nice-Matin, page 15, August 26, 1996


In conection with Musical Summer Nights arranged by the festival committee of the village the eminent instrumental and vocal group the Golden Jazz Band recently was an attractiuon in Roure: A jazz concert on the grand scale.
  In the full width of two hours below a starry sky and in front of an enthusiastic audience the jazz lovers - and you cannot cheat them - were overwhelmed by the versatile and wonderful interpretation by the very young female singer accompanied by an instrumental orchestra whose style intentionally is oriented towards the big historic big bands from the great period like the Cotton Club.
  As Count and Duke would have done it.
  In great spirits of parade the audience were totally overjoyed by Count Basie's, Dukke Ellington's, and Cole Porter's standards and their applause caused up to several encores of new songs.
  Great art during an evening that deserves to be repeated.