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My debut as a song writer

During two years, I have been working on a musical project I have entitled ‘Serene’, [in Danish: ‘afklaret, fredfyldt’]. The music is to become a kind of ‘poetry of love and nature’ – a search for simplicity and inner balance.

On April 15, 2003, we finished mixing the first 11 songs which are now to be published as the album. It was published on Mild Records on October 6, 2003.


Music videos

More info about the album

• See photos from the release concerts:
    in Copenhagen    
    in Århus

'Serene' can be purchased online.
    World-wide: CDbaby
    Denmark: musik.dk

About the production of 'Serene'

I have written these songs for the sensual world of dreamers and lovers. A kind of music which describes life. I write about longing. I write about the wind. Soundtracks of a cloud-covered sky in movement...

A 'genre' definition, to describe the style of music... well, it could maybe be termed as a hybrid between electronic ambient or lounge music and acoustic jazz – with some elements of classical as well.
I thought of calling it ‘douzz’.

The first year, in 2001–2002, I worked alone, at home, with a G4-computer, and when I had finished the rough drafts, I invited 'real' musicians to join the project and record new tracks for the songs.

Here are some of the comments I received in the period November 2001-April 2003 while I was working on the 'Serene' songs.
I am VERY fond of getting comments. As the matter of fact, to me, this is what music is all about: sharing it with others. Which again is the only reason why I have produced this particular page: I can't wait to hear your reaction and critique.

I am building up a list of email-addresses for future newsletters – and I'd love to have yours included as well.   :-)

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Cover notes:

1   Letter To You    5:31
2   Hear My Song    5:01
3   L’Aube    4.36
4   Evident Like Breathing    3:59
5   Rush Of Rain    4:42
6   Sea Meets Sky    6:14
7   Open Sea    7:08
8   Northern Star    5:20
9   Face The Sun    4:27
10 Lullaby    4:34
11 Hear His Song    1:25

Vocals, piano, lyrics and music by Pernilla Aidt*
Produced, mixed and mastered by Klaus Bau Jensen and Sebastian Lilja
at Realtime Studio in Copenhagen, Denmark, April 2003

*Except Sea Meets Sky: vocals and music by Pernilla Aidt and Simon Lynge

Percussion: Jacob Andersen
Trumpet on Hear My Song, Evident Like Breathing, Northern Star, Open Sea and Hear His Song: Kasper Tranberg
Guitar on Northern Star, and bass on Letter To You, Rush Of Rain, Northern Star, Open Sea and Sea Meets Sky: Sebastian Lilja
Guitar, piano, mouth perc, cake tin and voice on Sea Meets Sky: Simon Lynge
Djembe drum and flute on Open Sea: Ilya Magnes
Cello on Northern Star: Finn Aidt
Guitar on L’Aube, piano on L’Aube and Rush Of Rain, and executive producer: Mik Aidt

Eskimo voice on Sea Meets Sky from ‘Traditional Greenlandic Music’ (ULO CD-75)
Tabla drum on Hear My Song from ‘The Other World Ethnic Sample Collection’.
Photos from Les Alpes de Haute Provence and layout by Mik Aidt
Portraits of Pernilla in booklet photographed by Linda Horowitz

Supported by KODA

• You can listen to tracks in MP3-format from ‘Serene’ at: myspace.com/serenesongs

• You can listen to tracks from my second album, 'Songs that dream', at: myspace.com/songsthatdream