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Montagne, March 3, 1998


The young and beautiful Pernilla Caroubi from Denmark is guest of the Committee of Culture on the 7th of March (at 9 p.m. in the Festival Hall) in connection with the festival "Jazz in Auvergne".
   In the occation of of Gershwin's century the singer - who has been trained at the Danish Royal Academy in Copenhagen and at "Ecole Normale de Paris" - pays hommage to the composer of Porgy and Bess. The quintet breaks through by exploring history of jazz - wishing that the music will stay authentic without forgetting its own personal style. This personal hommage finds its expression in the well-known songs with a warm interpretation by Pernilla's voice.
   The melodies are made seductive and they find their extension in the musical background - inspired by influences from from Latin American music. This is not strange because Pernilla who has sung with the West Indian Henri Guedon has rhythmic landmark and inspiration from Jean Marc Eon (drummer & percussion) and Rene Pignatelli (double-bass). The drummer (member of CIM's big-band) has lived some years in Cuba to extend his musical horizon by being a student at "Superior Institute of Arts in Havana", and by playing with different local groups there that really know salsa to the very core. The double-bass player, soloist in "L'Orchestre de Paris" and member of Nimes' Bigband, has also been a member of diverse Cuban and Brazilian groups. The quintet is completed by Christophe Montant, a guitar player in Cannes' Big-band, and Cyril Caroubi on piano. The latter has a versatile and diversified background, - among other he has played with Pierre Vassiliu and has worked in the Barclay studios.
   It is with this palette of personalities that the quintet spread joy to everybody who likes jazz: Both the kind of jazz that gives you a surprise without brutilizing - and the kind of jazz that reconsiders and makes well-known classical jazz new.

Tickets for this concert on the 7th of March are on sale for 60 francs (50 only for subscribers)