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Nice-Matin, page 22, March 16, 1999


A week-end with success for the musical "Swingy and Melody" that is on the bill at the theatre La Licorne thanks to the festival committee Swingy Association.
  Somewhat classical, somewhat jazzy, half swingy and half melody: Patrick Michel's musical was a great success with the audience in the Licorne Theatre.
  Madelaine Racher-Riviere from the Swingy Assocoation who has much money at stake in this re-performance after last year's success with the first performance at the Noga Hilton Theatre, tells us that thanks to sale of tickets all expences are covered.
  Close to one hundred persons at the stage of this performance, it was pleasant to both eyes and ears of the audience who no doubt were friendly from the beginning.
  On stage firstly the childrens' choir was conducted by Florence Deriviere, secondly the musicians and the soloists gave everything they they had got.
  Everyone was happy and smiling, even when distortions came which is unavoidable in an enjoyable and in every way fresh amateur performance. A wonderful adventure that unites a jolly team and that nevertheless gives a surprising homage to singing and to music.
  The teacher of jazz music at the Conservatory in Cannes, leader of the bigband and the quartet, the composer Patrick Michel cannot and will not hide his inclination for jazz in which field he is excellent, - even though he expresses that melodies are just as important.
  Melody draws big strong attraction to herself as the main character: Queen for an evening, with an eminent voice and a fascinating confidence at stage. She is mistress of the "plateau" all over, she manages the responsibility which is put completely on her. She has a very beautiful appearance which is no draw-back.
  Let us congratulate the cheerfulness in all those who surround her: players, musicians, choir-singers who all put their hearts fully in the performance.
  A special cheer to the children who give a breath of fresh air to it. Swingy and Melody live happily to the end of their days filled with zest for their destiny after having defied the ban of the father as well as of the society - in a debate that is as old the Universe: as always in the end love is victorious.