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Aarhus Stiftstidende, June 29, 1984


Without a Hitch at the Amphi Stage of the Concert Hall
Aarhus Stiftstidende, July 30, 1984
And it was on Sunday afternoon, it was on the Amphi-stage in front of the Concert Hall. The somewhat nasty weather probably had kept some at home, but it was more than half filled when UPS entered the stage and gave two sets to the lightly chilly audience who received the band well.
  UPS plays music that is cloce to the New York rap - added other loans from the disco and from the Danish rock elite as Anne Linnet Band and Sneakers. The band plays solidly and genuinely, the female singer has a lavish and extravagant voice, and the whole band has been at rap courses and has there learnt to reel off an awful lot of words in a rather monotonous and unprofiled vocal pitch.
  It is difficult to evaluate a band without special musical profile. The music of UPS has been heard lots of times earlier - and they have nothing especially new to add to the form in musical terms. The trade mark could then be the funny and the unpretentious attitude - and that is what it is - along the road. But that also can be a little strained in the long run, when you understand text sentences like: "The girls are crazy with DJ Franck / the guys make sure to give him a thrashing", or "Come out and dance / if you have a feeling for rap". (Rhyming in Danish) - "They have some fine poets in this band" - my neighbour pointed out with a slight ironical undertone.
  Now this kind of music comes from the United Bluff, and apart from Danish texts - UPS has also been hunting the music bible of the eighties: "Rap, Scratch & a 100 ways of saying nothing" - and has there exactly found the words that form the music of the group, that appeal to the dancing audience with a lot of tight markings, breaks, and syncopes. If you regard UPS as a dancing orchestra then there is no hitch somewhere, the group did its bit - and the audience repaid by doing their part of the show, they were dancing...
  Non-committal entertainment or head-less music for the feet? - yes, the answer was blowing in the chilly wind that unfortunately visited the amphi-stage all afternoon long.