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Nice-Matin, the 11th of January, 2000


How could you imagine a more harmonious blend of traditions on occasions of the mayors newyears party for the personal of the town, than inviting the group "Riviera Swingo Latino" to ensure the the musical atmosphere at the cocktail, which last friday gathered more than a thousand people in the new "Riviera Palais". It is the association of "the swinging bandits" as the composer Patrick Michel calls the groupe with a twinkle in the eye. He is the leader of the group, and he is constantly in touch with the most famous standards and the Latin-American music, because he loves it. On the stage we have the beautiful Pernille, Danish but residing in Cannes, who has chosen the cold weather and Boston as an exile for developing the warmth in her voice on Berklee. A voice which she uses with great joy on the classic jazz repertoire, which spands from Gershwin to Benny Goodman and Sarah Vaughan without forgetting the most well-known songs and Glenn Miller.
As sideman she has the russian (also living in Cannes) Vadom Andreev, piano teacher in Biot since six years and former musician at the place called "Saints Peterbourg" in Mougins. On drums, Eric Mencaglia, young man from Pegomas, formed at the school "l'Esperance" run by Georget Daumet, his uncle, where he naturally becomes the drummer in the band before he starts the conservatory on percussion and takes part of Patrick Michel's jazz class. 40 years old and responsable for the French Electricity Board in Cannes, he is also taking part of Patrick Michel's musical called "Swingy and Melody", where Pernille had the role as Melody and he is as the saxophone player member of the group "the Shakers".
The saxophone player, Eric Lebeau, who is twenty one years old, started with the violin and also plays the drums. Graduated from the classical conservatory, he is now studying marketing on his fourth year in Sophia-Antipolis. He is twisted between the studies and the music, but tries as much as possible to stay in Patrick Michel's jazz class.
Frédéric Bori, the trumpetplayer, is also a student from the consevatory in Cannes and Marseille. 31 years old he is making Patrick Michel his master, and when his not playing groovy music with his funkband "Le Tribu", he teaches music to children from the age of the nusery school to the 11-years olds. What a good fortune, the musical future is saved.

Frédéric Jaubert