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 Berklee Achievement Portfolio
This is the application which gave me a Berklee Achievement Scholarship in 1999

Letter of Application

The aim of this application is to enable an up-and-coming Danish jazz singer to accomplish the first major leap in her carrier.

I sincerely hope that you will take the time to read my teachers recommendations. As it will appear, I am not the only one having high hopes and big ambitions for the future.

At Berklee, I'm a performance voice major. Presently, I have finished the second semester at the school but I have not been able to raise the nessecary means to finance the tuition fees and the living expenses to continue the studies. I live on short termed private loans and overdrawn bank accounts, and am forced to break off from the studies, unless I succeed in getting your support.

As a singer who otherwise would just use my ears, I am learning at Berklee how to analyze the music. It is incredibly enriching and important, yes nessecary in order to be able to improvise in jazz.

I am in the process of retraining myself from pop to jazz - after ten years in the pop business in Southern France, this school is quite a revolution to me. Along with the scheduled lessons, the many auditions for shows, for instance as singers showcase, gospel choir concerts, studio sessions, etc., has already changed my life and my perspectives on my carreer.
In short: Berklee is the place!



[A]   Scholarship Application Form
[B]   Academic and musical accomplishments
  since entering Berklee

[C]   Professional resume
[D]   Recordings
[E]   Recommendations
[F]   Musical activities within the Berklee College of Music
[G]   Musical activities outside the College
[H]   Letters from employers and associates
[I]   Other activities


  Scholarship Application Form

I have completed (and then scanned) the
Berklee Achievement Scholarship Application Form for Continuing Students.

Application Form


  My accomplishments since entering the college

A letter of application outlining of my academic and musical accomplishments since entering the college is placed above

My grades at the Berklee College of Music
(Click on the papers to see them enlarged.)

grades sept 1988
Entering ratings (sept 1998)

Proficiency 1st semester

Grades first semester

Grades second semester


  Professional resume

Music is my life. Sharing it is my vision.
My "career objective" is to fulfill this dream.
I want musical adventure.
To produce my own records.
To explore the heights of a concert experience.
To build a lasting relationship with my audience.
I want to say with my singing what I could never say in words.

My musical and educational background, as well as my employment history is to be read in detail in my Curriculum Vitae. I have made a living in over ten years by singing at cabarets in Paris and at jazz clubs at the French Riviera, while I at the same time have been taking lessons in classical vocal technique and piano.
I graduated a four year study at the conservatory in Cagnes Sur Mer in June 1997.
I have founded my own jazz quintet, Pernilla Caroubi Quintet. Apart from this, I am the lead singer in the jazz orchestra Loreleï Quintet.
My first jazz publication is the CD "Porgy & Bess".

Certificate from the
Conservertory of Cagnes Sur Mer

Grades from the Conservertory
of Cagnes Sur Mer



    George Gershwin

    1) 'I Loves You, Porgy'
    2) 'There's A Boat Dat's Leaving Soon For New York'
    3) 'Od Doctor Jesus'
    4) 'Bess, You Is My Woman'
    5) 'It Ain't Necessarily So'
    6) 'Summertime'
    7) 'My Man's Gone Now'
    8) 'I Got Plenty O' Nutting'
    9) 'Oh Bess, Oh Where's My Bess'
    10) 'A Woman Is A Sometime Thing'
    11) 'Oh Lawd, I'm On My Way'

    Arranged by Pernilla Caroubi Quintet

    Recorded in Studio 26, Antibes, France
    9th, 10th and 11th of February, 1998
    (Track 1, 3, 5, 6 & 10 first take)

    Recorded and mixed by Fred Bettin

    Pernilla - vocal
    Christophe Montant - guitar
    Bernard Resseguier - drums
    Cyril Caroubi - piano
    Rene Pignatelli - acoustic bass (track 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 10, 11)
    Patrick Michel - acoustic bass (track 4, 5, 7, 9)


    1) 'Tenderly' (Walter Gross)
    2) 'Just Friends' (John Klemmer)

    Recorded in the Berklee's recording studio "E"
    20th of April, 1999
    (First take)

    Recorded and mixed by Olivier Bessaignet

    Pernille Aidt - vocal
    Stephan Kammerer - tenor sax
    Vardan Ovsepian - piano
    George Milikishvili - drums
    Nils Vaclin - bass


    1) 'Autumn Leaves' (Johnny Mercer)
    2) 'Gentle Rain' (Louis Bonfi/Matt Dubey)
    3) 'There Will Never Be Another You' (Warren Gordan)
    4) 'Daydream' (D.Ellington/B.Strayhorn)

    Recorded in ThinIceProductions, North Andover, MA
    11th of May, 1999
    (First take)

    Recorded and mixed by Bob Patton

    Pernille Aidt - vocal
    Ed Harlow - tenor sax
    Mitch Seidman - guitar
    Todd Baker - bass


    'The Essence of All We Leave Behind' (Phoenix & Frank Hergott)

    Recorded in Berklee's recording studio "E"
    14th of December, 1998
    (Take two)

    Recorded and mixed by Vincent Cordel

    Singers: Nathalie, Michal, Pernille, Elke, Fred, Kimi & Dimitris



    Click on the paper you wish to read

    Associate Professor Lawrence Watson:

    "...Pernille has all the qualities required to be an international star. Whatever she decides to do in the future, I am certain she will be a powerful creative force in the music industry..."

    Associate Professor Bob Stoloff:

    "...It is my opinion that Pernille Aidt remains an asset to the Voice Department at Berklee..."

    Paul Stiller , Ear Training Faculty:

    "...It is without hesitation that I recommend Pernille for the best possible scholarship available. She is a model student..."

    Associate Professor Maggie Scott:

    "...Pernille is very talented and has been a very studious student to work with. I think she is very deserving of any finansial help you can give her..."

    Performing artist
    Cheryl Bentyne:

    "...She displays excellent skills and overall musicianship. Her performance is very mature, focused and creative..."

    Professor and opera singer Marc Vento:

    "...Her vocal and musical possibilities are evident ..."

    Professor and opera singer Lars Waage:

    "...Pernille is a very talented young singer with a beautiful dark-coloured mezzo-soprano with dramatic nerve..."

    Professor Emeritus Helmut Lips:

    "...Her high musicality and strong artistic ability to express herself is remarkable..."

      Musical activities within the Berklee College of Music

  • Programme for 'Stage Performance Workshop - Jazz Standars' concert, April 20, 1999

  • Programme for 'Jazz Vocal Series', March 29, 1999

  • Performance


      [G]   Musical activities outside the College

  • Pamphlet for 'Harlem Nights' concert
    at Jazz Masters, USA, May 8, 1999

  • 20 articles and news paper clippings

    FNAC: Jazz Talent of the Year  

    Also, take a look at my tour calendar


      Letters from employers and associates

    Olivier Bessaignet , Berklee student:

    "...she is a very skillful singer, with good abilities to sight read and to improvise. It was a pleasure to work with someone with such friendly and professional attitude..."

    Franziska Keller , Berklee student:

    "...In my opinion, she is one of the best jazz singers at Berklee..."


      Other activities

    Ed Harlow , Saxophone Player:

    "...Her extensive performance background, energetic spirit and real passion for singing make her a valuable asset to the school and her fellow students who work with her..."