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 Berklee Portfolio
Application for Berklee Achievement Scholarship
July 2000


Letter of Application

Dear Committee of the Berklee Scholarship,

Last year, I received a scholarship from you which allowed me to accomplish the first major hurdle in my carrier, and I am so extremely gratetul to you for this. Studying at Berklee has totally changed my life by opening up my musical horizon. Working with such incredible teachers and meeting such wonderful musicians at the school makes me feel blessed.

Photo by Charlotte Stanley When I think back at the year that has passed, the dream I had last summer has started to become a reality. I am beginning to feel comfortable with English; I have greatly improved my abilities in creating lyrics and melodies, arranging tunes, playing piano, hearing keys, using techniques of how to approach inprovisation.
This last year of hard work ended up with a CD release, (please feel free to listen).

At Berklee, I'm a professional music voice major, and only need two more semesters to accomplish my degree. In this coming year, my goal is to continue working on improvisation - which I see as my last obstacle to overcome before I can write 'jazz singer' on my business card.

I feel ready to come up with a completely original and innovating senior recital for May 2001. My plan is to record this project later on together with a group of famous musicians. I have tons of ideas and enthusiasm. My energy level - thanks to the spirit of Berklee - has never been higher.

But, as always, money rules the world, and I am seriously running out of means and possibilities for further loans. At the moment, I have already tapped both my dear family and several banks for all the possible loans I could ever conceive of. My present situation is as simple as this: I will not be able to finance my last two semesters if I cannot manage to receive further support. I have already applied to more than 25 other fonds for assistance; so far with no luck. Therefore, I would like to request your assistance, and hereby apply for support from you. I won't be able to do this without your help.

Be sure that you will never regret your final 'investment' in me.



[A]   Scholarship Application Form
[B]   Academic and musical accomplishments
  since entering Berklee

[C]   Professional resume
[D]   Recordings
[E]   Recommendations
[F]   Musical activities within Berklee
[G]   Musical activities outside the College
[H]   Letters from employers and associates
[I]   Other activities


  Scholarship Application Form

I have completed (and then scanned) the
Berklee Achievement-based Scholarship Application Form for Continuing Students.


  My accomplishments since entering

A letter of application outlining of my academic and musical accomplishments since entering the college is placed above

My grades at the Berklee College of Music 1999-2000:
(Click on the papers to see them enlarged.)

grades sept 1988
Proficiency 2nd semester,
May 6, 1999

Proficiency 3rd semester,
December 20, 1999

Proficiency 4th semester,
December 20, 1999

Proficiency 5th semester,
May 10, 2000

Final Grade Report, 5th semester,
May 2000


  Professional resume

Photo by Charlotte StanleyMusic is my life. Sharing it is my vision.
My "career objective" is to fulfill this dream.
I want musical adventure.
To produce my own records.
To explore the heights of a concert experience.
To build a lasting relationship with my audience.
I want to say with my singing what I could never say in words.

My musical and educational background, as well as my employment history is to be read in detail in my Curriculum Vitae. I have made a living in over ten years by singing at cabarets in Paris and at jazz clubs at the French Riviera, while I at the same time have been taking lessons in classical vocal technique and piano.
I graduated a four year study at the conservatory in Cagnes Sur Mer in June 1997.

I have founded my own jazz quintet, Pernilla Caroubi Quintet. Apart from this, I am the lead singer in the jazz orchestras Loreleï Quintet and Nuage

My first jazz publication is the CD "Porgy & Bess".
My second and latest jazz publication is the CD "Nuage".



Songs from our debut CD:

1) Nuages  
Music by Django Reinhardt
Lyrics by Pernilla
Duration: 5:58 min
2) "Daydream"
Music by Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn
Duration: 3:58 min

3) Peace  
      Download MP3:
      - MP3 High Quality (6.8 MB)
      - MP3 Medium Quality (4.5 MB)

4) Four  
      Download MP3:
      - MP3 High Quality (6.3 MB)
      - MP3 Medium Quality (4.2 MB)

5) La Mesha  
      Download MP3:
      - MP3 High Quality (5.8 MB)
      - MP3 Medium Quality (3.9 MB)

6) I Will Wait For You  
      Download MP3:
      - MP3 High Quality (6.0 MB)
      - MP3 Medium Quality (4.0 MB)

7) Maxwell's Silver Hammer  
      Download MP3:
      - MP3 High Quality (3.4 MB)
      - MP3 Medium Quality (2.3 MB)

8) Lotus Blossom
9) My One And Only Loce
10) You must Believe In Spring


CD cover

Pernilla - vocal
Ed Harlow - saxophone
Mitch Seidman - guitar
Todd Baker - bass

Arranged by Ed Harlow.
Recorded and mixed by Peter Kontrimas

Recorded in Studio PBS, Westwood, M.A., USA, 16th of February, 2000

  Pictures from the studio session

  Nuage's home page

  Copyright notice



1) "All the Things You Are"
Music by Jerome Kern
Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein

Duration: 2:51 min

2) "My Romance"
Music by Richard Rodgers
Lyrics by Lorenz Hart
Duration: 5:25 min

Pernilla - vocal
Vardan Ovsepian - piano

Both songs recorded in the Berklee's recording studio "E" (at first take)

Recorded and mixed by Olivier Bessaignet

3) "Les Berceaux"
Music by Gabriel Fauré. Classical
Duration: 2:26 min

Recorded in the Berklee's recording studio "E" (at first take)

Pernilla - vocal
Vardan Ovsepian - piano


"Dawn Of A Snowy Morning"
Music by Clement Fung
Duration: 3:01 min

Recorded in the Berklee's recording studio "E". April 20, 2000

Recorded and mixed by Clement Fung

Pernilla - vocal
Clement Fung - keyboards

  Copyright notice



Click on the paper you wish to read

Associate Professor Lawrence Watson:

"...Pernille has all the qualities required to be an international star. Whatever she decides to do in the future, I am certain she will be a powerful creative force in the music industry..."
Associate Professor Bob Stoloff:

"...It is my opinion that Pernille Aidt remains an asset to the Voice Department at Berklee..."
Paul Stiller , Ear Training Faculty:

"...It is without hesitation that I recommend Pernille for the best possible scholarship available. She is a model student..."
Associate Professor Maggie Scott:

"...Pernille is very talented and has been a very studious student to work with. I think she is very deserving of any finansial help you can give her..."

Performing artist Cheryl Bentyne:

"...She displays excellent skills and overall musicianship. Her performance is very mature, focused and creative..."

Associate Professor Kevin B. Mahogany:

"...with the continued support of others, Pernille will make a major contribution to this musical art form that we call jazz..."

Professor Emeritus Helmut Lips:

"...Her high musicality and strong artistic ability to express herself is remarkable..."

Professor and opera singer Marc Vento:

"...Her vocal and musical possibilities are evident ..."

Professor and opera singer Lars Waage:

"...Pernille is a very talented young singer with a beautiful dark-coloured mezzo-soprano with dramatic nerve..."


  Musical activities within Berklee

  • 'Jazz Vocal Series', November 9, 1999

  • 'Reverence Gospel Ensemble OverJoyed', November 29, 1999

  • 'Senior Drum Ricital', December 10, 1999

  • 'Rhythm Section: An Ensemble with Vocalists', December 20, 1999

  • 'Songwriters Night', April 3, 2000

  • Performance
  • 'I'm So Grateful - Reverence Gospel Ensemple Overjoyed' with Vickie Winans, April 24, 2000

  • 'Jazz Flute Ensemble', April 28, 2000

  • 'Mark Shilansky's Ensembles: The Berklee Vocal Jazz Ensemble and The Piano Trio w/ vox Ensemble', May 3, 2000





      Musical activities outside the college

  • 'Faith in Action: The Boston Black Church' , March 12, 2000 - where I took part in the 'Who Touched Me Ministry Mass Choir'   
  • Flyer from 'Exchange' in downtown Boston , where I performed with Nuage on four Tuesdays in spring 2000: Feb 1, March 2, March 28, and April 25.
  • In the spring 2000, I had ten performances with Nuage at Exchange and Sidney's
  • Nuage's masterclasses at Boston University and Boston College


  • 23 articles and news paper clippings

  • Also, take a look at my tour calendar


      Letters from employers and associates

    Clement Fung, MP&E/Film Scoring student:

    "...As a vocalist, Pernille has an amazingly indulging voice for classical repertoires and a superb feel for jazz standards ... Pernille has it all..."
    Michele Caniato, Mus.A.D., Boston University:

    "...wonderful masterclass... Your playing was excellent... We will be keeping our ears tuned to your next performances and record releases!..."

    Olivier Bessaignet , Berklee student:

    "...she is a very skillful singer, with good abilities to sight read and to improvise. It was a pleasure to work with someone with such friendly and professional attitude..."

    Franziska Keller , Berklee student:

    "...In my opinion, she is one of the best jazz singers at Berklee..."


      Other activities

     Listen to a radio interview with Nuage at 90.9 WBUR
    WBUR is Boston's NPR News Station.
    Together with Ed Harlow, I explain about the music of Nuage, how and why we made the songs, what they lyrics are all about, etc. The interview was broadcast at WBUR on Tuesday the 25th of April at 12:45, and it was placed at their website as well.

          Listen online with RealAudio:
          - RealAudio Medium Quality (2.9 MB)
          - RealAudio Low Quality (1.4 MB)

    Photo by Charlotte Stanley  My previous application for the Berklee Achievement Scholarship, July 1999.